baggybody, baggymind

Direct dyes, cotton and linen bedsheets, pillowcases, tea towels, tablecloths, thread & wood, April 2021, shown as part of MA Sculpture online show at The Royal College of Art, RCA 2021. See text below.

This three-metre patchwork hangs and slumps baggily over its frame. Bedsheets, pillowcases, clothes, tablecloths and tea towels have been dyed into rich, dark and earthy colours, sewn together and evolved into some kind of puzzle piece. It sits somewhere around expanded painting, including painterly marks and composition, but presents itself through the everyday materials of used home textiles. The work speaks the language of craft and sewing in its process of making, with the scale and presentation of abstract painting.  

The piece also nods more to chance, and the ‘setting up’ of the dye, where pigments and fabrics were boiled together in experimental ways. The work is made from textiles that are close to us at home and in daily contact with the body, dyeing and stitching these fabrics to ask how we can give them a new life in a fine art context.

Baggybody, baggymind April 2021, With thanks to Fitzroy Modern Art for the space & to Chloë Louise Lawrence for photography.