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Sophie Giller is an artist working mostly with textiles, collecting and working with discarded items—remnants, leftovers, seconds, offcuts—to emphasise process, labour, craft, and the social history of everyday materials.

The artist works intuitively and autobiographically, collecting and reacting to materials she comes across in second-hand shops, workplaces, and homes. Recently, she has been sewing, dyeing and weaving, which involves building, joining, and latticing, enabling these materials to come together and have a new life. 

The previous lives and functions of these textiles give them each a unique personality and character. She’s interested in craft processes and their associations: repetition, healing, the body, class, domesticity, labour, and different contexts of art making and creativity. Her work takes on sculptural, painting-like and site-specific qualities while exploring the space between fine art and craft.