Weaving 2020

Love it or list it, fabrics, thread, wool, wood, April 2020 Location, location, location, fabrics, thread, wool, wood, May 2020 Beyond it, fabrics, thread, wool, wood, May 2020 Location, location, location (away from it’s window home), fabrics, thread, wool, wood, May 2020 Open plan’s sister, fabrics, wool, wood, May 2020

Another way to store

Another way to store, fabrics, wool, pegs, watches, keys, hairbands, mops, gloves, blankets, combs, clothes, thread, wax, jewellery, scrap metal, plaster, dyes, April 2020

Textile work 2020

(Pictured twice above) The wearing out, textiles, thread, wood, March 2020 & Above, Other Side’s sister, old coats, thread, wood, March 2020 aurora plains, iceni blue, milani porridge, fabric samples, thread, wax, January 2020

The Petting Zoo

Sheersnake, fabrics, thread, Installed at The Petting Zoo, group show curated by Sally Hackett, Katarina Sylvan & Pablo Rodriguez Blanco at The Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, February 2019


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