Textile work 2019/20

(Pictured twice above) The wearing out, textiles, thread, wood, March 2020 & Above, Other Side’s sister, old coats, thread, wood, March 2020

To hang on, wool, monks cloth, August 2020
I felt it, felt & sheer fabric, thread, February 2020
Blind lining, coat linings, thread, January 2020
undone depop stock, tops, March 2020
There’s always more than two sides, old coats, thread, wood, March 2020
We make eachother, wool blankets, thread, wood, metal November 2019
The moths are gonna love this one, wool blankets, thread, wood, metal, October 2019
Wall of stitches, lining fabrics, wood, thread, December 2019

aurora plains, iceni blue, milani porridge, fabric samples, thread, wax, January 2020