TOGETHER IT SEAMS group exhibition at Standpoint Gallery, London, part of The Royal College of Art’s sculpture programme course – See the whole exhibition here All photos with courtesy and thanks to Emma Kelly at Standpoint Gallery

Above twice: Prick & Stitch, By Hannah Dinsdale & myself in collaboration for the exhibition, cotton, idye, dyrect dyes, cotton dust sheet, thread, linen, piping cord, wood. Above: Tye-sigh, wool, rug canvas, dyes, latex, sheer fabric, metal, thread
Artists pictured from left to right, Celia Pym (floor), Lydia Brockless (wall low down), Albeiro Rojas Tomedes (washing line), Jenna Fox (washing line), myself (washing line) then Hannah Dinsdale and I (wall) & Divya Sharma (floor)

Exhibiting artists: Sarra Badel, Camilla Bliss, Abi Braley, Lydia Brockless, Ruofan Chen, Ines Coelho da Silva, Kimberley Atoyne Cokey-Gam, Taylor Davies-King, Kate Davis, Denise de Cordova, Hannah Dinsdale with Simon Roth, Jenna Fox, Jasper Garvida, Sophie Giller, Clare Hope Holdstock, Millie Laing-Tate, RedBlack Lawrence, Ruocong Ma, Nicholas McArthur, Snyder Moreno Martín, Abigail Norris, Sojung Park, Maria Antonia Positano de Vincentiis, Paloma Proudfoot, Celia Pym, Albeiro Rojas Tomedes, Jakob Rowlinson, Divya Sharma, Nicola Tassie, Margo Trushina, Ben Williams, Ramona Woodruff, Woonhae Yea, Yue Zheng and Yuan Zhuang.

Here is the text for the show by Maria Antonia Positano de Vincentiis:

Prick and Stitch is a collaborative project devised by artists Denise de Cordova and Kate Davis. The project developed out of on-going conversations exploring notions of pricking and stitching as common processes present in their respective works.

​To Prick –

Is to pierce – to puncture – perforate – rupture… If you like, you can use a knife, a fork, a stick, a pin – the beauty of this game lays within your freedom.

To Prick –

To deturpate, erase – damage a surface. Pricking is to create an incision or, in another prospective, is to leave a mark.

To prick is to assert space where before there was none – by stumping your foot on the ground, and saying: “Here is the dimension in which I exist”.

Pricking comes from nothing, or in better words, it comes from establishing that a something is needed.

Such an action comes from there being no space at all – a white smooth piece of continuous paper ruptures into a new dimensionality.

Is more than ‘making a hole’ – is about creating space – where before there was none. Is about embodying resolution – initiating creative action – by breaking a uniform surface. Pricking is political.

Pricking is when space comes to be erected – vertically – by the action of the pin coming down to pierce – like a guillotine. Implacable, but softly piercing the surface at its meeting point of resistance.

To Stitch –

Is to make mend – join – linking by bringing two surfaces together… If you like, you can use a needle, a stick, thread – the beauty of this game lays within your freedom.

To Stitch –

To bring together – to make ends meet.

Repair – knitting or crocheting or embroidery. A Seam or a surface?

Stitching is to allow the emergence of a surface, where before there was an empty space surrounded by disembodied fragments. Is to make body.

Creating body – where before was just a flood of thread. To create connection – and to join the seems – is in the space of intimacy and in the desire to create linked multitudes.

Stitching is the establishment of a connection, the creation of a new space, but this time is a space which brings together. Stitching is political too.

Stitching is when space lays down – horizontally – stretching over and in between the seams and loops of thread. Space is the result of the gathering of all scattered fragments, mended together, patiently folding, morphing into body.