20 Elm Hill

Location, Location, Location (May 2020, wool, fabrics, thread, wood) (above), Love It Or List It (April 2020, wool, fabrics, thread, wood) (below)

These two works are currently installed at 20 Elm Hill in Norwich until February 10 – huge thanks to the wonderful and kind people who run this window art space.

Both these works were made in South Norfolk, when the artist was on a break from her MA in Sculpture at the Royal College Art. The artist had previously experimented with weaving as a way of joining recycled textiles together. The earlier works often reused discarded items—remnants, leftovers, seconds, offcuts—collected by the artist, and emphasise process, labour, craft, and the social history of everyday materials.

These two works demonstrate painterly composition with a lyrical arrangement of colour that create the impression of an abstract painting in wool. The process of weaving involves building, layering, and latticing, and the artist is interested in joining disparate fabrics and textiles together but preserving the making process by leaving them on their hand-made loom frames.

These textile-like paintings use second-hand and used materials, giving a voice to an eclectic variety of everyday items and fabrics that are more accessible than traditional fine art materials. The previous lives and functions of these textiles gives them each a unique personality and character and the artist has reused and recycled as much as possible.

The works are named playfully after Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp’s property tv programs, which the artist was watching at the time of making, while also doing her own DIY and thinking of the renewed importance of the home during Covid-19. The pieces use domestic fabrics and hand-weaving to renovate and ‘relocate’ textiles from the home to a fine art context.