Wall of Stitches installed at AFTER HOURS group exhibition, in ex-Debenhams in Southside Shopping centre in Wandsworth, London, November 2020 – Jan 2021, curated by Cassandra Bowes, Anna Woodward, Bowes-Parris Gallery & The Artist’s Contemporary. Above photo courtesy of Bowes-Parris gallery with thanks.

It‘s a strange kind of warm-up, wool blankets, thread, metal
Network, networth, nets, thread
Wall of Stitches, lining fabrics, thread, wood, bolts

From the Bowes-Parris website about the exhibition:

Bowes Parris Gallery is pleased to present a monumental group exhibition in conjunction with HARLESDEN HIGH STREET titled After Hours. An indoor sculpture park come to life in a disused department store in Southside Wandsworth.

This monumental exhibition investigates the concept of taking an empty commercial space in the current economic climate and bringing a new purpose to it. Visitors to the exhibition can walk around the space in the same way they used to walk around a typical department store, invoking the sense of exploring a shopping centre after hours.

The former shopping centre has been transformed into a space that is filled with varied and diverse works, spanning genres, colours, texture and size. This has created an immersive environment where no two spaces are the same, from large-scale hanging weavings by Sophie Giller to a basketball court installation by Chris Cawkwell.

The exhibition opens to the public after the second UK lockdown, drawing attention to the fall of the British High Street, worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic and seeing thousands of businesses move online. After Hours questions the precarious nature of physical retail, and the permeance of the arts in the wake of Government campaigns of Rethink. Reskill. Reboot aimed at the arts community.

Participating artists include: Amelie Peace, Amelia Briggs, Kim Booker, Bislacchi, Hannah Lim, Chris Cawkwell, Abi Charlesworth, Meryl Yana, Coco Morris, Charlotte Winifred Guerard, Anna Woodward, Gwen Davenport, Sarah Larby,  Sophie Giller, Sophie Goodchild, Manon Steyeart, Guy Train, Elisha Cox, Alexandra Searle, Izabel Wocial, Emily Moore, Verity Coward, Marcus Nelson, Chloe Louise Lawrence, Farrah Riley Gray