London Grads Now. 21

From left: Alex Lewis, Sophie Giller, Lucy R Whiteread, Svetlana Talanova, Sophie Goodchild & Richard Burton

Who is she, baby grand, wool & nylon blankets, thread & wood, selected for London Grads Now. 21 at Saatchi Gallery. Over 250 graduates from MA’s in London shown, The Royal College of Art students have been selected by their graduating students Thomas Hjelm & Lauren Bevan, who are also exhibiting, organising and curating the RCA students. All photos of the gallery are by Svetlana Talanova bar the single-shot and detail of the piece. Here’s the piece of text I wrote to accompany this work:

Sophie Giller is an artist working mostly with secondhand textiles, collecting and reacting to materials found in second-hand shops, workplaces and homes. She works with them for their textures, characters, previous functions and lives, using craft processes to piece things together.

Recently, she has been sewing, dyeing and weaving to build, join, and lattice, bringing these materials together to have a new life, whilst exploring themes of labour, craft, domesticity, and the social history of everyday materials.

This piece is from the Piano Blanket Series. Since childhood, she’s watched her Dad restore pianos. Instead of ‘proper’ covers, he straps his parents’ old blankets to pianos to regulate their temperatures and preserve their casework. They looked humorous, humble, vulnerable; from another time. She wanted to foreground these blankets, which usually have a secondary role. The frame is shaped from a Challen baby grand by bending flexible wood around the piano itself.

From left: Alex Lewis, Sophie Giller, Lucy R Whiteread, Svetlana Talanova, Sophie Goodchild & Richard Burton

Royal College of Art students exhibiting:

Albeiro R Tomedes, Alex Lewis, Alexandra Diez de Rivera, Amalie Gabel, Anna-Lena Krause, Anne Carney Raines, Art Sokoloff, Catherine Repko, C Lucy R Whitehead, Camilla Bliss, Daniel Wheeler, Esther Merinero, Emil Lombardo, Frances Knee, Graham Martin, Ġulja Holland, Hamit Üçok, Hawazin Alotaibi, Hoa Dung Clerget, Hsi-Nong Huang, Janina Frye, Jesse May Fisher, Junwei Chen, Kalman Pool, Katya Granova, Kirsty Sim, László von Dohnányi, Lauren Bevan, Melanie Issaka, Mia Faithfull, Myro Wulff, Ning Zhou, Noah Petri, Nour Jaouda, Nuno Gil, Oisín O’Brien, Po Lam Chan, River Cao, Richard Burton, Rin Coppola, Ronan Porter, Savvas Theofanous, Samuel Padfield, Sergei Zinchuk, Sophie Giller, Sophie Goodchild, Sten Link, Svetlana Talanova, Thomas Hjelm, Yukako Tanaka. Below pictured, a detail of my work on the left and more photos of The Royal College of Art rooms, curated by Thomas Hjelm & Lauren Bevan and photographed by Svetlana Talanova.