Sticking Ground

For Thoresby, for members & For Thoresby, for artists, exhibited as part of trio show Sticking Ground with Hannah Dinsdale & Sophie Goodchild, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, February 2022. Deadstock & salvaged linens, thread, ink, eco blend wadding, wood & metal. See below a selection of install shots from the show, and the quilts photographed in the space afterwards, and the text from the show, written by the artists, photographs by artist.

Sticking Ground is a trio exhibition with Hannah Dinsdale, Sophie Giller and Sophie Goodchild at One Thoresby Street, Nottingham. This collaborative show brings together the artists’ research into sensory awareness, embodiment, craft and processes of making. The exhibition features a commemorative quilt of One Thoresby Street and its

members from the last fourteen years; a large bean bag which invites the audience to lie or sit within its malleable soft cushion; and A felted work that signals the ritualistic methods of making and constructs imagery through the process of layering.

Through sculpture, sound, textiles, and installation, these works are grounded in systems of connectivity and circadian rhythms: circuits, sounds, pathways, structures, circles, and loops that move between, interlock and weave through textures, materials and forms. Fibres are dyed, felted, and hand- and machine-sewn to create new soft combinations of materials and networks.

Thoughts Outside the Head by Hannah Dinsdale is a large beanbag which invites the audience to sit or lie down, collectively or individually. Loops are appliquéd onto the surface of the beanbag, drawing from neurological diagrams depicting networks of the uncertain paths and journeys from body to brain and mind. Inside the loops, sensors translate body pressure into numbers and then into sounds which include ASMR triggers of a cat purr and tapping sounds. Interactive sound and its connection with the body is part of Hannah’s ongoing research into how we perceive the world from an embodied point of view: how we feel, touch, listen and see. Code was created with Alec Gordon –

For Thoresby, for artists and For Thoresby, for members are two quilts made by Sophie Giller commemorating the importance of this building for the city and the care and repairs that member artists have put into it, as well as the work created and the events and exchanges that have taken place. Since 2008, there have been over 110 members who, thanks to Sophie Mackfall, have been archived, and now shared. The back of the member’s quilt depicts the windows and peachy painted brick at the back of the building, whilst the artist’s quilt represents the front of the building with the iconic stair tower. ‘E28’ was the name of the building when it was part of the Boots Island Site, and appears on an old sign by the main entrance. The blue shapes reference the crumbling paintwork in the attic and the handrails of the stair tower. 

Volcano, Crucible, Arena: Rubbing feet in the salt lava by Sophie Goodchild is an investigative piece referencing the otherworldly and fantastical aesthetics and structures of natural phenomena and the predictable unpredictability, yet certainty of a never-ending, overarching cycle we everyday experience day to day. The way in which the work is made ins within a meditative, self-inflicted time warp state: encapsulated by free-flowing fibres, water, sliminess of soap and the lending hand of the mechanical. A temporal displacement of both mind and body opens up a physical skin of portals that infest the work, casting a net in front of our gaze into a digitised, pixelated landscape so heavily embodied and informed through the history and traditions of textile craft.